Offering a view on the ponds and gardens, the restaurant serves great cuisine made from locally-farmed ingredients. Your taste buds will be seduced by our selection of tables d’hôtes and the fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables from our garden or from our favorite organic farmers.

Exemple of our table d’hôte 

Soup of asparagus from Weedon and green peppercorn from Madagascar


Chiffonnade of boar from St-Camille with raspberry vinaigrette salad
Smoked oysters fluffy pastry & St-Benoit blue cheese sauce
Warm goat cheese from La Maison Grise on  apple with maple syrup and balsamic vinegar
Beet salad with haskap berries and hearths of cattail


Quail legs in a cranberry sauce
Rabbit in wild local mushroom cream
Trout filet ,pesto & sun dried tomatoes,lime and fresh coriander sauce

Duck breast with fresh ginger and bio tamari, green curry sauce
Almond pâté with yogourt and Madras curry sauce (gluten free and veg)
Five-pepper & port Angus beef tenderloin

Tempeh in orange sauce with roasted cachous(gluten free &veg)


Hazelnut/maple cream dainty
Raspberry mousse with sea buckthorn berries
Belge chocolate -cheese cake

Tea, coffee

Gluten-free menu available

4 courses  at 46$

Taxes and service not included