Environmental Charter of Auberge-Restaurant La Mara


01. The site is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers.
02. We practice consignment and compost.
03. We recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, batteries, light bulbs, etc. … use the recycling container located near your room or hand it to a staff member,


04. We use low-energy light bulbs in all appropriate systems
05.  We follow our energy bi- monthly:
06. We control the heating by lowering the temperature at night and maximizing passive solar heating at day
07. We realize efficient lighting of facades and  mainly outside by using energy saving light bulbs or solar energy and in accordance with the Charter of the du Mont-Mégantic Dark Sky Reserve ( low light directed towards the ground )
08. We use low energy lamps for lighting
09. We use LEDs for outdoor illuminated signs
10. There is no fridge in the room for better energy management, a fridge in the dining room is available to customers
11. Due to our altitude there is no air conditioning in the rooms. In the summer the average temperature at night varies from 10 to 15 degrees. Fans are at your disposal in case of need


12. Our water comes from an artesian well on the site is very good and we do not recommend plastic bottles.
13. We monitor and analyze consumption every month by the reader to computerize the entrance of the water source
14. We use flow regulators on taps bathrooms, showers and at the restaurant
15. We use water-efficient toilets
16. We use laundry appliances Water Efficient
17. We propose to reuse towels, a change only on request.
18. We propose to reuse sheets, a change only on request after a stay of more than 2 days
19. We get our water from the ponds for some of the outdoor watering
20. We treat our wastewater with the Enviro-Septic technology


21. We limit disposable packaging for the supply of the inn.
22. We compost green waste from gardens
23. We recycle electrical and electronic equipment and ink cartridges


24.  We grow in our gardens only of locally adapted plants and indigenous
25. We plant at least one tree every year


26. We use toilet papermade from recycled- paper
27. We use eco-labeled products when is possible
28. We encourage organic-farming supplier
29. We use biodegradable cleaning products


30. All preparations are made on site we do not use pre-prepared products .
31. More than 90 % of what we serve are locally developed in Quebec
32. We serve only meat without growth hormone and antibiotic free. .
34. Our cooking uses organic olive oil or  duck fat
35. Our vegetables are organic and produced at La Clef des Champs de Saint-Camille or in our gardens..
36. Our dishwasher (Jackson brand) has a water recovery system.
37. Our refrigerators are certified eco- energy
38. ​​We compost organic waste from restaurant
39. We collect culinary fats by a double filter system